Talent Wairarapa 2020 Carterton Event Centre


  • To be eligible for the Junior Section – entrants 14 years and under as of 31st April  2020.
  • To be eligible for the Senior Section – entrants 15 years and over as of 31st April  2020.
  • Entrants must be a resident of the Wairarapa District to enter and qualify for prize money.
  • The contest is open to individuals or group entries.
  • Suitable entries will be dance, singing, music or any act deemed suitable for an all ages variety performance.
  • The competition is not open to professional performers, we deem professional performers to be anyone earning a living as a performer.
  • Each act will be allowed a total of five minutes performance time.
  • All acts will use only the sound system operator provided or inform organisers that they wish to bring their own amplifiers, if needed.
  • All backing music must be sent as an emailed audio file  to the organiser 2 weeks before the event
  • Once you have submitted your entry you can’t change your item or contestants without prior consent of the organisers.
  • When you are deciding on your act and your music – please make sure the act is age appropriate and language appropriate.
  • You will be required to perform within the stage space provided at each venue.
  • Photographs and video will be taken at all events for promotional purposes by taking part you agree to allow us to use footage or photographs of the event which may contain you or your performance.
  • Entry fee is $5 per act.


  • Check in 30 minutes before your performance on the day
  • Be ready to report to the staging area when called.
  • All 14 year olds and under, solo or groups to be accompanied by 1 adult.
  • Please respect the volunteers and the halls we are using
  • Please respect other contestants
  • You are welcome to stay around and watch other performers
  • There will be either 2 or 3 Judges per session and their decision is final no individual feedback will be given after the event
  • Judges score or decision will not be released to the public or contestants